This Bloom

by Monogold

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released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Monogold Brooklyn, New York

"...sparkling slab of indie psych-pop which, with its hypnotically submerged vocals..."- Noisey

"The EP's six tracks vary from gentle, ambling pieces with wordless vocals ("Skylark") to drum-driven, effects-drenched workouts ("Holograms")." -AllMusic

"...shimmering tractor beam appeal and hypnotism..." -- Impose Magazine

"a multi-layered spectacle that you can’t turn away from." -- Earbuddy
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Track Name: Holograms
I missed you so, diamond eyes
I run until, I catch your shine
Shimmering man, green glowing girl

Crystal smile, stained glass teeth
Burn so bright, the colors leak
Shimmering man, green glowing girl

Wait, Take
This level, this layer
Wait, Stay
This unknown color
Stay, Stay
As gold as sunrays
Hey, Hey
You burn like no other.
Track Name: Under Daisies
When I wake in the morning light I find my head is gone.
Left it in a midnight cloud with my legs and arms.
And my head is a feathered nest of new born singing birds.
And the song strums through my veins and my skin and bones.
I'm placed into, warm hands I knew
From a dream and it says, let go.

Head to toe, message to soul
Hope that you know, we've got to go
This body you know, left down below
We've got to go, there's people you'll know
Formless afloat, let's turn into something
Leaving this home, of skin and bones
Head to toe message to soul
I hope that you know, we've got to go.

Now I'm not contained by a cage that held back my heart
I'm a particle passing through this,
Upward and on.
And this shape is new, I can change into
A fall wind or a warm rain in June.

(Repeat chorus)

Breaching out of the sea of people
Dying in this dream's so peaceful
Climbing up the stars, and then I'll explode into a million more.

Here above the birds, above people.
Never to return to people
Sail across the sun.
A sea that I've known from far below.
Dying in this dream is so peaceful.
Track Name: Our Wild Friend
From the sky down into rivers and lakes
Onto the grass and rocks
The clouds cracked open spilling millions of chandeliers into
The shape of rain drops

Let it pour, into pores of my skin

Storms are forming turning blue into grey 
Our hair and the grass stand up 
Hand in my hand and the whip of the wind
Our Wild Friend 
Laughs and lifts us up 

Let it pour into pores of my skin 
Puddles on my skin 

Pulled up in swirling orbit 
A gentle dust up 
Now we're laid down under where thunder says...
So long 
So so long our wild friend
Track Name: Soon Moon Soon
How could you say
How could you say, Moon
The sun will set
And you forget so soon
I heard the day
I heard it saying choose
How could you say?

The sun always knew
One day I would marry the moon
So she lit up my day
And said go on your way and have a good night

Above my head, a circle glows
A lonely light, that holds me close
She haunts the sky, the oldest ghost
Stars in her hair (head), she pulls me up