The Softest Glow

by Monogold

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(free) 04:14


released January 18, 2011

Monogold is Keith Kelly, Jared Apuzzo, & Mike Falotico.
All songs written & produced by Monogold.
Recorded & engineered by Austin Duggan & Monogold.
Words by Keith Kelly. Cover painting by Keith Kelly.



all rights reserved


Monogold Brooklyn, New York

"...sparkling slab of indie psych-pop which, with its hypnotically submerged vocals..."- Noisey

"The EP's six tracks vary from gentle, ambling pieces with wordless vocals ("Skylark") to drum-driven, effects-drenched workouts ("Holograms")." -AllMusic

"...shimmering tractor beam appeal and hypnotism..." -- Impose Magazine

"a multi-layered spectacle that you can’t turn away from." -- Earbuddy
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Track Name: Ivory Teeth Golden Tusk
Paint our ivory bones
paint our ivory bones
paint our ivory bones
a scarlet red
Decorate our skulls
decorate our skulls
celebrate our skulls
with gold and gems
Wild, dancing, mad and naked
I touched a lions nose
to know where I stood
Felt the change
teeth become tusk
new names tonight
With our neon crowns
with our neon crowns
well stop this ground
with our neon crowns
around our heads
And if the sky
should steal our breath
but blows a wind
back in our steps
well take it
Coverd in dust
with lustful songs in our hearts
felt the change
teeth become tusk
new names tonight
Keep me always in this light
Gleaming,yellow,gold and white
Track Name: Spirit or Something
The softest glow
that burns above these branches
I know I need to chase this
formless and faceless
Your just in time
And we both know
something the other doesnt
The shape well be making
the color well be tasting
Your hand is mine
Is this my shadow or your sillouette
eyes of the same face
blood of the same veins
we move in time
Is this a phantom
or a feeling
Whispers when im dreaming
hums when im singing
your voice is mine
Trade with me now
Speak thru my mouth
Your eyes are my eyes
and eyes of the clouds
I swallowed your rain
and i spit your storm out
hands are the hands
where the branches reach out
Into the wind, to the wind, to a howl
Walking and talking
in more ways than one
Leap up and lept out
now the leave the ground to run
This voice holds
a thunder on the tounge
Taking the shape of the name you gave up
Speak thru my mouth
I swallowed your rain
and I spit your storm out
Taking the shape of the name you gave up
Track Name: Wind or Hymn
We can swim this sound
we can swim this sound
we can swim this sound
unfound, unfamiliar
Eyes to the shore
arms at the ready
and were hearing
theres something
singing with these tides
So to the rocks
that call us ou there
that charm us on
her waves of combed hair
On and on, crash or connect
Wind or hymn follow that song
With our backs to the town
our hands pointed out
our feet leave the ground
we dive out to something
Calls from the walls
The cliffs sing a chorus
and im swimming to the shape
with shells and blue eyes
When we meet well sleep forever
underneath with buried treasure
she pulls me out just in time
and then she says
with her eyes upon mine
Heres a song you wont forget!
Crashing for kisses
sunken and shipwrecked
on a sea bed forever
were new homes for fishes
But I wont wonder why
Cause I know
Your words wanted me
And I dont regret anything
A song you wont forget
Track Name: Traps / Offerings
I followed tracks you made
thru cities woods and lakes
The scent you leave
needs me to chase
The flower trail you laid
poison purple shades
you led me to quiet traps
but you said something!
Im calling out your name
singing bird of prey
You kept me the purest pet
you led me to silent traps
But you said something!
So keep me with the tigers that you taught
and keep me with gentle wolves you trapped
And you said something!
Meet me underneath the leaves
offerings of a dream
wait how lost can we get from up there
how lost?
Climbing up out the trees
offerings of a dream
wait how far are we off of the ground
Its gone.....
Track Name: Whippoorwill
Wait lets stay awhile
and warm our bones
beside this fire
Stained glass and windowsills
In a fortress of sorts
weve wandered in
at the same time
and we know what waits outside
Gazing watchful eyes
Patient and perched
atop the pines
A singing whipporwill
In a song calling out both
of our names
we close our eyes
and then we hum the notes
Track Name: Glow To Sleep
There is no point to plan
To hold that voice
inside your hand
And when released
well leave our heads
back in beds
sleeping guests
rise to rest
Well walk around
too soft too loud
Hand in hand
all new again
This shape were in
A boat for wind
To sail along our closed eyelids
And im too small
to be found
Much too tall
to far from the ground
Leaping in, leaping out
Of size somehow
Repeat the sound
Forgot and found
Well meet in sleep
too lost to keep
This shape were in
A boat for wind
To sail along our closed eyelids
All that I know is I wanted to stay
Eyes closed and falling
around your landscape
And with my hands out open
fell off your edge
Track Name: 2's or 4's
Ive been waiting on the hour
with my ear to ground
For a hundred eyes
of a storming herd to meet mine
With my hands on the hides
taken in with the stride
Now one with the pulse
Im running for the first time
Looking back I know you saw me
Running aimlessly and calling Hey!
Im not a wolf, Im not a man
and I dont know just how to stand
On 2s or 4s, on 2s or 4s
Im not all theirs and im not all yours
With the animals
Lifted off of the land
Grabbed a wing with my hand
Taken over the trees
Goodbye to the green beneath
Now im letting it go
Let me drift with the flow
To the sea I crash
Just passing thru I guesss
Underneath I can see you calling
The moon shines thru
And im still howling
Im not a wolf, Im not a man
And I dont know just how to stand
On 2’s or 4’s, on 2’s or 4’s
Im not all theirs and im not all yours
With the animals
These are just places and things
that someday Id love to be
Some ive never known before
Some I know all to well
I find them and they find me
And I could always be this way
One to pass thru
and one to stay
Sleeping on a mountain top
Or laying in an open shell
Some Ive never known before
Some I know all to well
Track Name: I Accidentally Conjured Up A Ghost...Look!
Track Name: Feel Animal
Sleeping in the warmth of the sun
Waiting for the moonlight
The whisper of the wind
wakes me up
and Im leaving that shape behind
I feel animal
Hiding in the trees
my green eyes shine
Lost myself in leaves and ivy
Digging in the dirt
Running just to run
My hyacinth hearts
bloomed tonight
I feel animal
Wait, ill show you
All youll need to know
Well wash our hands in waterfalls
Then youll give birth
to butterflies
A bird will sing
A wolf replies
I feel animal
Track Name: Dead Sea Minerals
Open eyes open hands
lips of words
Taste the salt of your sea
and remind me of home
Im your minerals
Ships of skin sink or swim
water learns
when to keep you beneath
or show you to shore
Hands upon you
hands underneath you
Calm collects me
With this drift
were heading on and on
An ivory moon
A turqoise tidal wave
Block the tide with our beds
drifting off
I dont know I just dont know
where the tide goes
Shiney scales
diamond teeth
swallowed whole
Taken under the waves
dissolved and released
Im your minerals
Be my minerals
Calm collects me
With this drift
were heading on and on
An ivory moon
A turqoise tidal wave
Underneath in coral reefs
our particles swim the sea
They turn into currents and tides
And here beneath
the light will gleam
off shiney scales of new skin
and well offer the moon
this tuqoise tidal wave
Calm collects me
with this drift
were heading on and on
An ivory moon
A turqoise tidal wave
Track Name: Segue
In the morning light
I call out your name
But you dont reply
and you dont arrive
and the day turns out the same
I thought last night I saw you
walking with the wind
tapping on my window
and you said
Its alright
Ive replied every time
You moved in front of me...
Track Name: Fossil Clouds
April rain
the showers came
puddles in holes where we stood
Were not there but in our place
theres traces of a new bloom
I dont know when or where
But we both disappeared
You there and me here
A flag to raise
you carved your name
into the side of the moon
Fossil clouds familiar shapes
of a face that could only be you
I dont know when or where
But we both disappeared
you there and me here
Out from the ground
down from the sky
your over there
while im over here
On either side
I love you so
but your over there
while im over here...